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The facility in Rotorua is only one of two permanent International Standard BMX tracks in New Zealand. 


Building work was finished in late 2019 and it officially opened that December. The Championship category track is 440 meters long and meets the UCI regulations regarding track specifications. 

There is an 8m International Standard start ramp with a Pro Gate Straight 8 gate.  The ramp is plywood with grip texture coating.
The surface is lime (specifically GAP 6 Burnt Oxide with 3% hardener) and the corners are tar sealed for superior grip leading to consistent cornering ability, adding to the safety of racing. As well as meeting the UCI requirements, it has been built to withstand local weather conditions including considering prevailing winds and the surrounding landscaping negates sunstrike for riders early in the morning or late afternoon.  The track is exceptionally maintained for a smooth ride and thoroughly drained for great moisture management. 

The men have a separated second and third Championship straights including a berm jump over the women's/challenge second turn. All other straights will challenge both Championship Women and Challenge category riders with all straights offering several opportunities for passing. 

Key Statistics

  • ProGate Straight 8 starting gate

  • 8m Start Hill

  • 440m Length

  • 3 x Pro Sections

  • Berm Jump for Championship Men

  • Limestone Surface

  • Men's Track Record: 37.504 (Bodi Turner - 2023)

Women's Track: 38.028 (Saya Sakakibara - 2023)

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