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Experience more of NZ 

This initiative was designed to encourage clubs and our BMX Community around New Zealand to engage with the event and to offer our international BMX riders the opportunity to experience the hospitality of other clubs and regions in New Zealand as they prepare for the Rotorua round of the 2024 UCI BMX Racing World Cup.  Clubs and BMX Supporters from around the country have created special invitations which we encourage all BMX riders and teams to consider these as part of their programme while in New Zealand.  See opportunties below:

Te Awamutu BMX ClubWe welcome international teams and riders to contact us for pre event training opportunties.  Not only do they have a great BMX track and BMX community, TA (Te Awamutu) also has a great golf course and other cool attractions here.  Only 1hr 20mins from Rotorua BMX track, 15mins from Cambridge BMX track and 34mins from Hamilton BMX track, Te Awamutu is a great base for a few days or weeks while you are in NZ.  Scheduled club  racing (Monday) and training nights (Tuesdays).

Check out their website here and facebook here. Or contact Rodney on 0278398713 or Mose on 0212378577.

Cambridge BMX Club -   Around 1 hour from Rotorua, Cambridge is  home to the Cambridge BMX Club, a National High Performance Centre and offers Affortable accommodation options available at St Peters (see Competition Guide for more details).  A 6m high ramp, limestone surface, 2 pro sections and a planned new Pro Start gate due early 2024.  Check out more here or contact the club on

Private Homes stays - Contact for more information.

#1 BMX Family, located minutes from the North Harbour BMX Track in Auckland.  Two young male BMX riders in the family with one looking to compete in the event.  Open to hosting an international rider prior and post the event.  Own Room (double room) , Spa, Pool and free transport to Rotorua.   

East City BMX Club - An ideal training destination for international BMX riders, located in Auckland, New Zealand. Conveniently situated a short distance from the International Airport, the tracks accessibility is unmatched. Being based in New Zealand's largest city, riders will find themselves surrounded by a vibrant urban environment with plenty to explore during downtime. Auckland offers a diverse range of activities from kayaking and boating trips in the stunning Hauraki Gulf to exhilarating mountain biking in Woodhill Forest. When not perfecting their skills on the East City track's impressive 6m start ramp and challenging straights, riders can indulge in the city's culinary scene at the Viaduct or engage in other recreational pursuits. The track's commitment to improvement is evident with the upcoming reliming in early January, ensuring top-notch facilities. With the support of a passionate community and fellow riders, East City BMX Track is not just a training ground but a destination that promises a holistic experience for international BMX enthusiasts. Additionally, the availability of SQORZ, albeit at a small cost, adds a tech-savvy edge to training, making it a comprehensive package for riders seeking excellence.

Auckland Anniversary weekend sees us hosting the Northern Region Champs and Round 4 of the CrnkIt Series with a prize pool of over $[NZ]500.

Contact for more information or register here

North Harbour BMX Club - Located in Auckland, New Zealand is 3 hours away from Rotorua. They offer any interested riders the ability to train at their facility in the lead up to the UCI BMX Racing World Cup. They will run 8m gate sessions as needed and are happy to accommodate requests and provide assistance as international teams hit our shores. Contact for more information. 

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